About Baden Spa & Wellness

At Baden Spa & Wellness, we pride ourselves on offering you a personalized and unique experience, tailored to your needs on the day of your visit.

Feel Healthy & Beautiful

Each booked session is customized to your skin type and concerns, and each session includes different Treatments.

Whether you want an Acne Facial, Brightening Facial, Non-Invasive Facelift, Ultrasonic Facial, Ultrasonic Cavitation Treatment, Smoothshapes Treatment to reduce the stubborn cellulite or RF and Laser Skin Tightening to look sexy in your bikini again, we have the right Treatment for you.

We also offer Face and Body Waxing and Bridal Makeup Application. Our goal is to help you feel healthy, beautiful and put your best face forward every day.

Our Mission & Vision

Offer our clients a personalized service, dramatic skincare improvement with non-invasive therapies, and overall, a unique experience of wellbeing.

Give every client back the beautiful skin she or he was born with, and allow everyone to feel beautiful from the inside out.

About Nora

Many clients ask me how I got into the Spa Business after working as an executive in large corporations. Here is my answer: when I was a teenager, I suffered from cystic acne that really affected my self-esteem, and I have spent countless hours researching and trying different Treatments.

Then, when I had my first baby, I had 60 lbs to lose. I started going to Med Spas and tried all sorts of Treatments. Some worked and some did not change anything other than the balance of my bank account. While going through that process, I realized just how many people may be dealing with the same issues, and that I could help them by providing Treatments that actually work, at a cost they can afford, using the newest technology available.

Seeing the look on my clients face when they look at the mirror after their first Facial Treatment, or when they realize the clothes they were wearing when they came in are feeling loose after the Treatment, procures an amazing feeling of fulfillment and pride.