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Polynesian Hot Seashells Massage

Seashells Massage

In the Polynesian culture, Seashells were once one of the main sources of food, trading currency, jewelry, healing and religious rituals, celebrations and most of all, a symbol of fertility and wealth. Today those mysteriously and uniquely beautiful creatures are believed to contain the essence of the powerful energies of the oceans which nurture our planet. Their resonance facilitates the opening to a greater awareness for our nature, and creates the feeling of harmony in our minds, soul and bodies.

At Baden Spa, we have decided to stand out from the crowd and offer a unique, highly therapeutic Massage, using specific species of Seashells, not used elsewhere. Our Polynesian Hot Seashells massage is a journey that begins with aromatic oils ritual and sounds from the French Polynesia, which restores your natural balance, deeply nourishes your skin and melts away all your stress.

Our meticulously selected Seashells are larger, heavier, prepped to hold the heat longer, selected to embrace the shape of each muscle, and make your experience deeply relaxing and luxurious!

  • 60 Minutes Polynesian Hot Seashells Massage - $129
  • 90 Minutes Polynesian Hot Seashells Massage - $179


Sea Salt, Lime and Ginger Back Exfoliation

Our signature Sea Salt, Lime and Ginger Back Scrub is highly recommended to complete your Massage experience, as it deeply cleanses the skin, stimulates blood circulation and opens the pores, making your Massage even more beneficial.

  • 25 Minutes Sea Salt, Lime and Ginger Back Exfoliation - $45

Polynesian Warmed Seashells Glow Facial Seashells Facial

The first part of this Facial is a purely deep cleansing and nourishing Facial, that starts with a micro-exfoliation using sea minerals, your skin is then quenched with two layers of hydrating masks rich with plant extracts, amino acids, silk peptides and stem cells.

The second part of this Facial is the Polynesian Warmed Seashell Massage to increase lymphatic flow, detoxify the skin, stimulate the blood circulation, tone the facial muscles to produce a Facelift effect, in addition to soothing and relaxing you whole body by massaging and placing warm seashells on your facial pressure points.

  • 50 Minutes Polynesian Warmed Seashells Glow Facial - $129

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