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Sun Damage Correction Facial

Your life is all about doing what is best for your horses, you hardly make time for yourself!

Everyone knows that being an equestrian means constantly being in the barn. You love what you do. Horses are not just animals for you, they are your family and your passion. Your normal easy day probably involves handwalking, grazing, combing, cleaning stalls, taking temperatures, pulse and respiration; lunging a horse - or more-, showing, training, deworming, vaccinating and sheath & udder cleaning.

Baden Spa
There isn't a "One Facial that Fits All". Facials must be carefully customized to each skin and lifestyle!

While you are absorbed in your daily Equestrian Life, your skin is exposed to the elements, such as dirt, wind and long hours of sun exposure! This causes significant damage to your skin and premature aging.

At Baden Spa, we have been servicing Equestrian Clients for many years. Local Equestrians from Wellington and Loxahatchee, as well as Seasonal Equestrian Clients from Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Kentucky, Colorado and Chicago...

All of whom have one skin problem in common, which is Sun Damage!! I suppose any Esthetician or Doctor can attempt correcting sun damage to some degree of success, but not just ANYONE knows how to be MINDFUL to the Equestrian Client's lifestyle! Not all commonly used skincare ingredients are OK to use on an Equestrian Rider who spends at least 8 hours a day outdoors!!!

It is rather easy to smooth wrinkles with Retinol, and remove pigmentation with Hydroquinone, but these two ingredients for example would cause Photo Sensitivity and significant damage with sun exposure! Finding SAFE products that DELIVER RESULTS was the hardest challenge!!

Over the years, we developed an expertise in safely treating sun damaged skin with the combination of the latest technology in Skincare Equipment, and Safe BOTANICAL products!

Our Customized Sun Damage Correction Facials are customized for each visit, based on your needs on that specific day. We have a multitude of Treatment options. We use the latest technologies in skincare, We INVEST in the highest quality of BOTANICAL Products and Skincare EQUIPMENT.

A Customized Rider's Sun Damage Correction Facial may include one or a few of the following Treatments, in each Facial:
  • Oxylight Sapphire III Treatment
  • Dermal Infusion/ Hydra-dermabrasion Treatment
  • Venus Legacy Facelift Treatment
  • Venus Viva Collagen Induction
  • Oxygen Microdermabrasion
  • Dehaz Signature Botanical Facial

For NEW CLIENTS, Facial options are discussed during a FREE Consultation before any Treatment, and a Treatment Plan is designed to fit your need.

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