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Sea-Salt & Herbs Hot Poultice Massage

Sea-Salt & Herbs Hot Poultice Massage, 60 Minutes $90
Sea-Salt & Herbs Hot Poultice Massage, 90 Minutes $129

Service Time: 60 Minutes or 90 Minutes

Hot Poultice Massage originated in Thailand, around the 14th century, to promptly relieve painful muscles and inflammation from wounds of the injured soldiers returning from war.

Herbal Poultices are now available for purchase on the market, however, at BADEN SPA, we make our own FRESH Herbal Poultices with Himalayan Sea salt, Magnesium Salt, Epsom Salt, Herbs and a generous portion of Pure Essential Oils!!! this guarantees a higher efficacy of the massage and the maximum Therapeutic Benefit from the ingredients.

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The poultices are wrapped in cotton sheets and then steam-heated. This procedure allows the essential oils, the Salts and the herb's nutrients to be released. During the massage the poultices release their nutrients into the skin and muscles, triggering a deep relaxation, detoxification and stimulation of the blood circulation.

The most renowned herbs involved include ginger and turmeric (both antiseptics, they boost the immune system); lemongrass (aids circulation, improves muscle tone); camphor (stimulates blood circulation and nervous system). Other popular herbs are : cinnamon, Lavender, ylang ylang, peppermint and jasmine, that provide freshness, sensuality and relaxation.

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Hot Poultice Massage or Hot Stone Massage?

Although they're both very effective for relieving stress, inflammation and sore muscles, we'd like to highlight three good reasons why you should give Hot Poultices a try!

  • Thanks to the different therapeutic properties of herbs and spices, this massage can target specific conditions and not just warm up muscles and joints like the hot stones do.
  • Unlike the hot stones - which cannot be used to pressure on bony areas to avoid bruising - poultices follow the contours of the body, so you can receive the adequate amount of pressure.
  • The cotton fabric the poultices are wrapped in has a slight exfoliating effect, resulting in removing dead skin cells and improving penetration of the essential oils. Hot stones, instead, can exfoliate only if they are still rough in texture.
  • Were we convincing enough? Try our Herbal Hot Poultice Massage, we're sure you won't regret it. And remember, at the end of your treatment you will be given a poultice to take home and use as a detoxifying bath experience!

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